Insul release 9.07 update

Hopefully got on top of printing issues (previously only 600 dpi really worked properly) * Add Cold formed steel joists as option for ceilings and floors * Add load bearing steel studs with resilient rail (1.0-1.6mm or 20g to 16g) * Add prediction of impact sound for plastic foam underlays. * Fix incorrect addition of impact sound levels for octave band display * Re-instate transmission loss for specific angles of incidence for free field on source side * re-enable display and entry of dynamic stiffness (metric units only) * added panel information to 2D display * Fixed illustration of batten and cradle spacing for 400mm etc * minor translation fixes * added margin of error to printout * correctly set, and store and recall setting of frequency ranges for C and Ci * increase length of project number and name * fix problems in SONarchitect export of floors (not export airborne and impact at the same time) * added EVA as a glazing interlayer option * added GTEC resilient acoustic stud as a frame option * many small improvements to the French translation * beginnings of Polish and Chinese translations * fix bug in Impulse reponse generator in Auralisation (didn’t affect the main auralisation part) * fix bugs in English units for surface mass dimensioning of glazing constructions