Insul release 9.06

The changes are as follows: Release 9.0.6 October 2017 * printing of 2D illustration * more tweaks to printing of custom logo * adjust scale of 2 D illustration (use mouse wheel) * fix bug of Ceiling/Floor absorption not correctly showing in Description Box * numerous updates to the Outdoor-Indoor calculator – can change colour of lines on graph, moved location of Dntw line as this is an overall quantity,Fixed equation constants for English units (and corrected it for metric units), added a Save As button, * added Rw+Ctr to display (its quite small at this stage) * Display floor cover and underlay parameters and enable editing thereof for heavy floors * Correct drawing of trapezoidal profiles when used on panel 2 or 3 so the ribs poke out instead of in * More work on Outdoor to indoor calculator (enable bigger graph when screen is enlarged, fixed issues with printout) * Improved WAV file library feature. Can now set a default folder as your library and store your own WAV files there. * Improvements to triple glazing calculations * Improved printouts for rain Noise calculations (added rain fall rates, roof areas, rain type etc) * fixed default value of PIR for English units * Fixed translation of drop down lists in the Materials Editor. * Fixed bug when showing properties of Porous material * Selected material should be at top of the box at (almost) all of the time now. * Cursor changes to cross hairs when over illustration to indicate you can click for properties. * layers 2 to 6 by default have number of layers = 0 , but now when you choose a material it automatically sets to = 1