Insul release 9.08

We have just released the latest update of INSUL. This can be downloaded and installed using the “check for updates” feature in the About screen. Or downloaded and installed from this link The list of new features and bug fixes is as follows: Release 9.0.8 February 2018 * Added some decimal places to English units display. * fixed crashing when selecting Mini-orb roofing * In Outdoor to Indoor calculator fixed mucked up grid when switching between octave and 1/3 octave * Added 28mm Furring Channel (Australian and New Zealand connections lists) * fixed problem in SonArchitect export for glazing * Added Israel as a region * add check box to force cavity width to remain constant (stud sizes adjust to maintain cavity width) * Partition dimensions now showing in OSX * Altered colour of buttons etc to make selections easier to see * improvements to Glazing section (add check box for timber sash windows, improved triple glazing algorithms for normal aluminium frames) * Added CertainTeed materials * Made most woods orthotropic. * Printing function added to the Materials Editor * Undo and Redo functions added to the Materials Editor * Undo and Redo functions added to the Composite TL Calculator * Added an underlay selection box to the Materials Editor Floor Covers tab * Updated Composite TL Calculator to better handle very small element areas * ‘All regions’ searching option added to the Materials Editor search window * Revised styling for buttoms on the main INSUL window, including options in the View menu to change Style and layout * Revised styling for the Materials Editor search window, using expander lists * Updating Materials Editor form size for improved display on Surface Pros * Add STC/Rw single panel rating to Properties display. * Can now select and show a frame for a single panel, useful for getting the illustration more correct in some situations * As a consequence of last item we have changed the way you add a porous facing, now added in Frame 1 (no longer on the porous page).