Rap-One is software for calculation of sound propagation indoors, barrier reduction and working environment noise environment noise assessments.

RAP-ONE II, from Soft dB in Canada, is an innovative and easy-to-use program designed for analyzing and managing sound in industrial fields with acoustics consultants, engineers and industrial hygienists in mind. RAP-ONE (Room Acoustics Prediction and Occupational Noise Exposure).

RAP-ONE II determines quickly and precisely sound levels at every point in a room, as well as the contribution of each sound source to these points, and the noise dose perceived by workers.

Industrial Noise Analysis

All too often, noise reduction treatments are applied and without producing the expected results. With RAP-ONE II, these problems are avoided since the program evaluates the efficiency of a treatment or of a treatment combination in real time before it is implemented.

Some questions that you probably have, and that RAP-ONE II can answer:

  • What will the noise increase be if I add another machine?
  • What will the impact of that new machine be on the noise doses perceived by workers?
  • What will the noise reduction be if I install a silencer on a vacuum cleaner or if I add an acoustic treatment to the ceiling?
  • How can I be sure my noise reduction process is well structured?

The evaluation of the performance of various possible treatments is simple: Apply the acoustic treatments being considered for the room using the Absorbing Panel or Acoustic Barrier tools, and then click on the Calculate Noise Map button. The room’s new noise map displays the noise levels obtained with the added treatments. A similar process can be applied to the room’s noise sources (ex., adding a silencer).

Acoustical Room Design

  • RAP-ONE can be used to improve the acoustics of performance and art centers
  • RAP-ONE is a powerful tool for improving the acoustic design of any type or size of room
  • RAP-ONE rapidly and precisely determines the noise levels at every location in a room, as well as the contribution of every noise source at those locations
  • RAP-ONE can do RT60 calculations (Reverberation Time)

Other Acoustical Designs

RAP-ONE II can also be used in many other applications related to acoustics or dealing with acoustic. For example, RAP-ONE II has been used in the acoustical design of a new mini bus.

News in RAP-ONE II

  • New calculation algorithm, Pyramid tracing, wich brings all the advantages of ray-tracing without the problems of ray tracing.
  • Ability to compute sound transmission through walls
  • New 3D interface

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